Mighty Crumb Baking Company

Food To Live For™

Let’s Get Cooking Together

Are you going gluten-free and feeling uncertain about how to eat, what to buy?  Are you interested in making healthy changes to your energy level, your dinners, kids’ snacks?  Do you want some step-by-step guidance to making new recipes?  I am all yours.  Your kitchen or mine?  Or, let’s meet at your favorite market or specialty store.  I’ll take you through the aisles and teach you which delicious gluten-free foods can easily replace the foods you’re used to, how to choose antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables for the biggest bang for your buck, and how to upgrade your pantry for healthier cooking and snacking.  And let’s discuss how you are feeling as you progress with your changes to see how they make a difference.  Contact me for a consultation.


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