Mighty Crumb Baking Company

Food To Live For™


Mighty Crumb Baking Company is dedicated to creating tantalizing baked goods and foods that are delicious, healthier alternatives to their conventional cousins. Each discovery we make and share with you is a revelation in what it means to eat well.  Each recipe is gluten-free, and healthful ingredients are chosen to create nutritionally-rich bites that are satisfying for all the right reasons.

About Antioxidoodles™

2010 was a big year. I discovered I was gluten-intolerant, and I was inspired to give back to a community of cancer patients by initiating a project at the UCSF Cancer Center where my husband works.  I created a healthful, comforting cookie with ingredients high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to give to patients waiting for their doctors and receiving chemo.  What an inspiring experience! The outpouring of love from patients and volunteers was overwhelming.  Patients love the cookies and want more. Friends and family love them too. In 2011, I founded Mighty Crumb Baking Company in 2011 to bring Antioxidoodles™ to the world.

About Nan

I love to cook.  And I love learning about health.  I use my knowledge of nutrition and cooking to create gluten-free, healthy recipes for my family, friends, and cancer patients and love to share them with friends. I also love to help people learn easy substitutes to keep in the pantry for cooking, snacking, and improving well-being.

I have two amazing sons. Both young men are excellent cooks and very health-oriented.  Our family loves to try new and healthful foods. Before parenting, I began my career writing nutrition columns, selecting noteworthy cookbooks, and testing recipes for the food department at Self Magazine.  Later, I took my love of science to the biotechnology and life sciences industries where I ran and participated in public relations campaigns for over 20 years.  Our clients were researching, developing and launching cutting edge pharmaceuticals and devices to treat cancer among other diseases.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Elaine Marlow on said:

    Nan, you are full of surprises. I have never heard so much as an utterance of your many accomplishments. Wonderful to know.

    The website is beautiful; makes me feel healthier just combing through it. So much to learn and to absorb.

    What a mitzvah you are giving to the world in your quest to make it a better, healthier place. It all seems very non-threatening to someone like me, who resists mightily any real info about food (ask Ardith; she has tried… and tried). I am looking forward to following your blog.

    Much happiness and continued success,


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